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Our wedding videos are crafted entirely with you in mind. While we always maintain our signature style and professional quality, we strive to make each of our films feel original. We prefer minimal staging and posing so that our films can embrace those priceless candid moments. Every couple's journey is unique, and their wedding video should be no different. Rather than take a cooking-cutter approach, we get to know our couples and create a wedding video that truly feels like them.


No matter the project, storytelling is our number one goal. We use the sights, sounds, and dialogue from throughout the day to tell a story within each video. By blending raw, organic moments with artistic cinematography, we're able to create films that invoke emotion. Your wedding video is not just about remembering your day, it's about reliving it!

You'll Laugh. You'll Cry. You'll Relive the Best Day Ever.

Zac & Alex

Bar 717 Ranch | Hayfork, CA | Non-Traditional Summer Camp Wedding

We’re dedicating this film to the Green Flip Flop that went missing during the festivities and was later found inside Alex’s wedding dress. I think that accurately displays how much energy and fun was packed into this epic wedding weekend. Zac & Alex wanted to do something special for their friends & family so they invited them all to spend a long weekend at camp. Activities included camp games, hikes, river swims, acro-classes, and of course a beautiful wedding. I think the hardest part of editing this one was figuring out how to fit hundreds of amazing moments into just one video. 

Hannah & Justin

Glendale Golf Club | Bellevue, WA | Romantic Golf-Themed Wedding

Justin & Hannah got married just a few feet from where they first met at the Glendale Country Club. They were set up by their mothers who heard they both loved golf an immediately put a plan in place to get them together on the green. Their wedding was the perfect mix of romantic and fun - ending with a lovely golf cart ride into the sunset.

Erica & Sam

Terra Valley Farms | Monroe, WA | Fun Outdoor Wedding

One of the first things E+S told me on our initial phone call was that they wanted their wedding video to feel fun more than anything. I felt like their day was the perfect blend of upbeat energy combined with intimate moments, and we really tried to convey that in their film. And, of course, we had to put in plenty of shots that highlight the face that they're both trained dancers!

Ashley & Alex

Imperia Lake Union | Seattle, WA | Modern Elegant Wedding

Their story starts with a random Instagram ad for a local cross-fit gym. Ashley saw the ad and decided to check it out, not knowing that this would lead to her meeting Alex. Cross-fit has been a really big part of their relationship - they even opened up their reception dance floor with a fun squat workout dance! We really enjoyed capturing their day and witnessing the love they have for one another. 

Carrie & Ilya

Admiral's House | Seattle, WA | Modern Hip Wedding

Carrie and Ilya wanted to combine modern elegance with a strong party vibe for their special day and they pulled it off perfectly! When making their video, we wanted to match the energy that we felt throughout the day. I'd describe this film as a hip, upbeat party - with some wedding vows thrown in of course. Plus you can't go wrong with a nice shoutout to Hilary Duff!

James & Cynthia

Cedar Springs | Port Orchard, WA | Music + Dance Filled Celebration

We will forever remember this one. We loved how J+C blended different cultures and customs to create a wedding day that was truly unique. Honestly, what I loved the most was all of the energy. So much music, so much dancing, and so many emotions. Check out the film to see a grand entrance that turned into a giant dance party for everyone!

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