Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Send-Off

Over the past few years, we’ve certainly seen it all when it comes to wedding grand exits. It’s such a major moment, so it’s great when the couple picks something that is unique and special to their day. Everyone wants to go out with a bang, right? But there are so many options when it comes to the wedding exit… How do you choose the best one?? Below are some of our favorite wedding exits we’ve seen over the years. Take a look and watch the video clips for each one. Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite – or another idea of your own!



This is the go-to wedding exit, and by far the most popular. This is for good reason. Simply put, sparklers look awesome. They’re exciting and guests always seem to be 100% engaged during an exit with sparklers. They also provide light in what would normally be a quite dark setting – which is always a plus for photo & video. Be careful though, because some venues have restrictions on using sparklers as they can be a fire hazard.


**TIP: Make sure to buy the long sparklers (36″ are best) so that they last long enough for you to walk ¬†through and kiss at the end.**


Wedding Videography

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In the old days, rice was quite popular to throw over the couple as they proceeded out the church doors. It is used less often these days, but it can still be a fun, creative option. Again, some venues will have restrictions on rice since it is usually difficult to clean, so make sure to check with your venue manager and confirm.


**TIP: An easy way to make sure all the guests get rice to throw is to have small pre-made packets for everyone to take on their way out and just throw the rice out of those.**


Wedding Videography

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Human Tunnel

When the groom is a soccer player and the bride is a dancer, there is no better way to end the day than the traditional sports game human tunnel. This actually turned out to be one of our favorite exits we’ve ever filmed because the energy was so high. Not to mention, it requires no advanced preparation! All you need to do is get everyone lined up and go for it!


Wedding Grand Exit Tunnel

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Confetti Poppers

These are just plain cool. The colors, the sounds, and the suspense as they’re about to go off. I always love filming exits with party poppers because you just never really know what’s going to happen – and that makes it exciting. It’s important to make sure that you have permission from the venue before using these, as they definitely call for an extensive cleanup afterwards.


**TIP: Make sure to let guests know to point their poppers UP – it’s no fun to be popped in the face!**


Grand Exit Inspiration

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Bubbles are great because they are allowed at pretty much any venue, as there is no cleanup and no safety risks. While they aren’t the most exciting option, they are still a lot of fun and make for an interesting backdrop to your exit. They can also be used during the reception to keep younger children from getting bored!


**TIP: Make sure to have scissors or something ready to open the bubbles as sometimes the containers can be difficult to get open.**


Ideas for Wedding Exit

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Glow Sticks

We have found that glow sticks are usually the Plan B to sparklers when those are not allowed. That being said, glow sticks can definitely look great. Make sure that guests have enough time to get their ¬†sticks at the ‘peak glowing point.’ If you hand them out and immediately do the wedding exit, then they won’t be emitting enough light to get the full effect.


**TIP: Bigger is better. They do make large glow sticks that will put out much more light than the more common smaller ones. The bigger the better in this case!**


Ideas for Grand Exit

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Light Wands

I haven’t seen these too many times, and I think they get overlooked. Light wands can also be a good alternative to sparklers. They require no cleanup and are battery-powered so they don’t need time to light up like glow sticks do. You can also get them in different colors and create a pretty stunning scene for a wedding exit.


ideas for wedding exit

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There you go! Those are some of our favorite creative ideas for a wedding grand exit! Do you have any ideas that weren’t on this list? We want to hear about them! Comment below with your send-off plans!

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