Destination Wedding Videography | Lake Chelan Washington

We got to make the drive out to beautiful Chelan, WA to film the destination wedding of Maxwell and Danielle. These two made the move from the big city out to Eastern Washington (Yakima) to start working on apple orchards. I got a lot of apple education throughout the day… Did you know that Honeycrisps are proven to be “THE BEST” apples?


We were nervous about smoke from nearby fires interfering with the scenery, but when we woke up on Saturday morning, it was clear and beautiful! Perfect for a wedding on the shore of Lake Chelan, in between rows and rows of apple trees. I highly recommend Green’s Landing for a destination wedding by the way!


The day flew by so fast with all of the joy and excitement. All of their friends and relatives were like one giant family. Everyone got along so well and seemed to know eachother from prior experiences.


Maxwell and Danielle tried to incorporate a bit of Maxwell’s Norwegian heritage into the celebration, so there was a special dessert and a log-cutting that took place at the end of the reception. The log-cutting was quite intense! But all fingers stayed intact!


When we left around 10pm, the dance floor was still going strong. These people were going out with a bang! Such an incredible day. We were honored to be a part of it. Check out the highlight video below!



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