What do Videographers Mean by “Full Wedding Feature?”

When wedding videographers tell you that your package includes a “Full Wedding Feature,” they usually do not mean that you will be receiving an 8-hour long surveillance-type video¬†of the whole day.


Usually “Full Wedding Feature” means a 30-45min recap of the important events of the day.


My wedding videography company offers a number of customizable wedding packages, and some of them include a “Full Wedding Feature.” Then, just next to that, I indicate that this feature will in fact be under an hour long. Why? Well, the main reason being that not many people want to watch anything longer than that. The second reason being that not many people want to edit anything longer than that. Thirty to forty minutes is generally sufficient time to cover the important occurrences from any wedding. The ceremony vows, ring exchange, toasts, speeches, cake cutting, etc. is all covered in those 30-40min. My company also includes a toasts & speeches film that features any toasts or speeches that were too long for the full wedding ¬†feature.


The reason for this blog post is to eliminate confusion when it comes to the phrase “full wedding feature.” A feature film for example, does not contain every second of filming. Instead it has an edited version that has been condensed to about 2% of the raw footage. While our full edits definitely contain more than 2% of the footage recorded, they are still a condensed version of the day. We are not the company to come set up a camera in the back and just let it run – unless that’s specifically what you want. We do our best to capture cinematic shots throughout the day and edit our professional footage together into a beautiful re-cap of your wedding day.


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