10 Tips to Ensure You Get the Perfect Wedding Video

Every wedding is special and as wedding videographers, it is our job to create a film that encompasses the moments of your day. Every film that we deliver represents our best work and full effort. That being said, one of the major questions that we get from couples before their wedding day is, “Are there any specific things I can do to make sure our video is amazing?” And our answer is, “Yes!” We decided to list out some of our main recommendations for your wedding day. Each of the tips below are excellent ways to ensure your wedding video turns out to be everything you dreamed of.

1. Choose an Awesome Videographer (obviously!)

Probably the most important tip we can suggest is to find a videographer whose work stands out to you. Find someone who has an extensive, consistent portfolio so that you’re able to get a good idea of how your film will turn out. Do not entrust this important role to a friend or family member – let the guests enjoy the day and leave the videography to the professionals.

2. Other Vendors Are Important Too!

Each of you wedding vendors will end up working closely together on your wedding day. And in most cases we’re only as strong as the weakest link. If your DJ is inexperienced, then the audio in your video may be impacted. If your florist doesn’t show up, then there will be no beautiful florals in your photos & video. If your planner cannot follow the timeline, then other vendors may not be ready for major events. If you want an amazing video, it’s important to also invest in a vendor team that has wedding experience. We have plenty of recommendations for vendors in nearly every category if you’re still looking!

3. Exchange Letters Before the Ceremony/First Look

A growing trend in weddings these days is for the couple to exchange letters prior to their first look. This provides an intimate moment during the prep when each partner can privately read a personal message from their soon to be spouse. For video, we like to record the audio from each of you reading your letter. This works really well when used in the film. Here is an example of a couple that exchanged personal letters:

4. Personal Vows

This one goes along the same lines as the letter exchange. Our goal with your wedding film is to tell a story. When couples choose to recite personal vows to each other, that audio becomes a great asset to use in their wedding film. We’ve found that some of the best vows tell a story themselves. A lot of times couples will share about the moment they first met, the moment they knew they were in love, or just a unique moment in their relationship. In one of our favorite weddings this past year, the groom used his vows to talk about their first date when they both ate an entire pizza from Mama’s Pizza.

5. Leave Time for the Couple’s Portrait Session & Sunset Shoot

Photographers will 100% agree with us on this one! It is important to leave at least 30-60min in your timeline when the photographers and videographers can have some private time with the bride and groom. This is when we get some of our favorite shots. These intimate shots between the two of you are super important for the more emotional/heartfelt portions of the video. And if your venue has a good sunset view – make sure to leave some time after dinner for that too! In the film below, the couple set aside a good 45min for their sunset session – and it paid off! Watch at around 4:06 to see some of our favorite shots the night!

6. Send Your Toasters Some Guidelines for Their Speech

Something that can really help a wedding video is a collection of great toasts. We always like to use the audio from the reception speeches as a way to tell the story in your film. We’ll be putting out another post with tips for the best wedding toast next week. A great toast will usually include a personal story (sometimes funny & sometimes emotional) about the bride, groom, or both and then some kind words. We love when toasters use funny anecdotes from then they knew the bride/groom in their younger years. In the film below we used the toasts (along with the couple’s vows) to tell their entire love story.

7. Make the Most of Your First Dance

We’ve seen a growing number of couples incorporate choreography into their first dance. While you definitely don’t need to go as far as taking dance lessons, a few twirls & dips certainly look good in a video. This is your first dance as a married couple – be excited and get into it! Watch the video below to see a couple that worked with an instructor to learn a full choreographed routine for their first dance.

8. Have an Unplugged Event

One of the hardest parts about filming a wedding: the guests. A lot of times a perfect shot can be totally ruined by a wandering iPhone or an unknowing uncle walking in front of our camera with his own DSLR. While there is no way to completely avoid this, we’ve found that having an unplugged ceremony certainly helps. Have your officiant make an announcement at the beginning of the ceremony. They can let guests know that there are professional photographers & videographers on-site to capture the day. There is no need for guests to have phones or cameras out during the ceremony.

9. Incorporate Unique Events into Your Day

Some of our favorite wedding films have incorporated non-traditional aspects into their day. We had one couple take on the Norwegian tradition of sawing a log in half together. Another couple entered their reception with a Thunderstruck drinking game. We’ve had grandmothers play a violin for dances, friends who sing karaoke, and a couple of emergency room doctors put on PPE before cutting into their cake. Whatever the idea, these weddings are always that much more personal. Check out this couple’s hilarious cake cutting idea!

10. Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Last, and most important, live in the moment and enjoy your day. If you’re not having a good time, it will show on your faces in the videos. The best moments happen when you let your guard down. Candid moments are so much better than staged ones. Let your emotions play out on your wedding day. It’s okay to cry when you’re reading your vows. It’s okay to laugh if something unexpected happens. Be yourself and live your day, and your video will reflect that. Trust me.

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