What is a “Cinematic” Style?

Just as every wedding has its own unique style, different wedding videography companies have their own filming styles. We like to describe ourselves as cinematic videographers. Our wedding videos represent cinematic style story-telling, while also accurately documenting the wedding day.

But what do we mean by “Cinematic Style?”


Our videos not only document the main highlights of your day, but they do so in an artful way. We try to tell a whole love story through the short 4-7 minute video. Rather than setting up one camera and letting it roll through the day, we try and make our films more personal to couples. Artistic shots are used, and small details are captured so that the feel of the day can also be portrayed in the video.


Cinematic editing is also a major part of our process.

When editing your film, we try and make it flow – just like telling a story. We don’t just pile in clips in chronological order. We try to make the video appealing to both the couple, and to anyone else.


Ultimately, a wedding film’s purpose is to highlight the entire essence of the day – and we use all of our resources to do that: music, editing, artistic shots, and anything else! Make your moments infinite. Contact us for more information!

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