Why Two Videographers are Always Better Than One

Something that couples should always keep in mind when searching for a videography company for their wedding is whether or not the packages include multiple videographers. Many brides and grooms are price conscious when it comes to videography – or anything really. The first page they click on – even before the portfolio – is the “prices” or “investment” or “packages.” And that’s a good thing! You should of course search for services that are within your budget. However, one thing to keep in mind when looking at the packages of wedding video companies is whether those packages include a single videographer or multiple videographers.


Trust me. It makes a BIG difference.


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Why will your wedding video be so much better with that second videographer?

First of all, there’s a lot that goes on at a wedding. There are a ton of people. A ton of events. And a ton of things that can’t be missed. A wedding video needs to include the vows, the kiss, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet tosses, and so much more. Having a second videographer there is definitely a good insurance that nothing will be missed. Furthermore, let’s think about the ceremony. A wedding ceremony filmed with a single camera is really nothing special. However, if there are multiple videographers present, that allows for more angles. Now you can have a close-up on the bride, a close-up on the groom, and a wider all-inclusive shot in the back. And now you’ll be getting an edited wedding video that is personal and enticing to watch.


A lot of couples may not realize that their wedding videographers (for the most part) are also capturing professional audio throughout the day. We capture audio from the entire ceremony, as well as any toasts or speeches that occur during the reception. Ultimately, the process of recording beautiful video and seamless audio flows much smoother with more than one person.


Now I’m not saying that one person can’t do it all. I’ve seen some great wedding videos done by a single videographer. However, I firmly believe that the decision to go with a package that includes two videographers will benefit most couples in the end. Their final wedding video will be twice as beautiful and twice as memorable. As they say, “two heads are better than one!” Feel free to check out our Emerald Media Services wedding packages here. I have to note that every package includes two videographers!

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